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Cleaning and Maintenance

Rub R Dek® should be cleaned and maintained on a weekly schedule to ensure the surface is free from any foreign debris such as glass, metal, sand and dirt. Home owners are urged to remove any sharp objects from surface areas.

Rub R Dek® surfacing should be thoroughly cleaned on a semi-annual basis (Spring and Fall), or as required, to ensure surface is free from any particles on, or in, the surface that are smaller than the pores of the surface (such as sand & dirt). A utility vacuum can be used when small particles are carried onto the surface. A power washer can also be used to remove dirt, debris and stains. When cleaning Rub R Dek®, a mild diluted detergent can be applied and then rinsed off. For stains, a diluted mix of bleach and water can be used directly on the stain and then rinsed clean.

During winter periods, when snow and ice have covered the surface, the snow and ice can be removed with a plastic snow shovel (not a steel shovel as this may damage the surface). When the snow or ice have penetrated the surface a non-toxic de-icing pellet/salt can be used.

When properly maintained and cleaned, Rub R Dek® surface will provide you with many years of enjoyment!