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Please read the complete Installation Instructions before you start!

Preparing the Area

  1. Prepare base one day prior to installation of Rub R Dek®.
  2. Remove all previous coatings, paints and surfacing products before applying Rub R Dek® to ensure a strong adhesion to existing base.
  3. Power-wash all loose debris, oil and dirt from existing surface. Allow area to completely dry before installation.
  4. Installing plastic EDGING to the inside and/or outside perimeter edges creates a clean finished look. Alternatively, you may simply bevel finished edges to a 45 degree angle.
  5. 3/8" plastic edging and PL400 adhesive can be purchased at your local hardware store. A sample piece of plastic edging is included in your Starter Kit. Allow 24 hours for edging adhesive to dry before installation of Rub R Dek®.
  6. A wheelbarrow and shovel for mixing are also required.
Area is cleaned and allowed to dry
Clean area thoroughly and allow it to dry
Installation Kit
Starter Kit has all the tools you need
for the job
Wheelbarrow and Showel
A wheelbarrow and shovel for mixing
are also required
Inside Edging
Inside Edging
Outside Edging
Outside Edging
Applying PL400 Adhesive
Applying PL400 Adhesive


  1. Weather conditions are extremely important for successful surfacing. A temperature in the range of min. 50°F (10°C) and max. 91°F (33°C) during, and 24 hours after installation is required. A forecast of no precipitation during the installation period is advised, as the materials are moisture-curing and may set prematurely.
  2. Mixing materials to the exact proportion, using the measure supplied in your Starter Kit, is essential for a successful surfacing job.
  3. Place the supplied drop cloth under the area where you will mix. Place one bag of rubber in the wheelbarrow, then add the adhesive from the supplied pail. The pail should be filled up to the line marked “Fill to Line.” Mix well for 3-5 minutes until the material has no dry rubber granules or clumps. The mixture should be consistent in its texture.
  4. If you are using a custom mixture of Rub R Dek® colors, pre-mix the whole quantity of rubber to ensure consistency, fill it back into the bags, and then prepare one bag at a time as described.
  5. You will have 30-60 minutes per mix to work with the materials.

CAUTION: Please be advised that clothing and footwear will be stained if material comes into contact. Rub R Dek® is not recommended for indoor applications. Use only in well ventilated areas! A respiratory mask is recommended. Please use the protective gloves provided in the Starter Kit.

Put one bag into the wheelbarrow
Put one bag into the wheelbarrow
Fill adhesive to line
Fill adhesive to line
Pour adhesive into the wheelbarrow
Pour adhesive into the wheelbarrow
Mix well
Mix well for 3-5 minutes

Put on your knee pads and LET’S GET STARTED!

  1. Place mixed material from wheelbarrow at your starting point in small piles with the shovel. Begin to spread and level the material to a thickness of 3/8", spread roughly over a small area using medium pressure with the finishing trowel at a 30degree angle. Once the surface is roughly spread, spray your trowel with the supplied lubricant and begin to smooth the finished surface, leaving no granules of rubber sticking up.
    Helpful tip: Spray trowel with lubricant continuously during the finishing process, do not place the materials more then an arm’s length from yourself.
  2. Repeat process until complete, allow 24-48 hours for curing.
Spread small piles
Spread small piles with shovel
Spread and level rubber
Spread and level rubber with trowel
Smooth trowel edges
Smooth trowel edges
Final smoothing of the surface
Final smoothing of the surface
Repeat process
Repeat process


Finished Job

Notice – Burn Out: It should be noted that EPDM colored surface will appear to have a yellow tinge after installation. The effect is caused by the reaction of the adhesive to sun’s UV rays and will continue for 3-4 days. It’s a short-term reaction until natural effects of fading occur as the curing process continues. This is called “burn back,” and it takes approximately 14-30 days for rubber to return to its permanent color.